Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some fun family pictures!!!! I was VERY thankful to get everybody to basically be cooperative!!!

Christmas tree hunting is the only way to spend a thanksgiving weekend!!!! Yes that is my baby on the sled ~ He seriously scares me and you'd think I'd stop him~~ No stopping him plus, good thing it was pretty soft snow.

Thanksgiving morning we all ran in the 5K in Draper!! very fun and finished better than my last time. Can't complain too much. Oh, and don't forget Girls Night Out( New Moon- with the rest of the country!!)

Whopper had PUPPIES!!!!! Sydnee, Port, Aaron and Kami had to come see and Porter loved the big fat pup.(Syd obviously wasn't the biggest fan~~ one day!!) He named him Bolt! very cute huh!!

They love cruisin' down this little hill~
They are actually going pretty fast!
To tell the truth~ I think I am going to
be Nervous Nelly Mom more than I
thought I would, got to get over
that....having boys and all.

More camping and bike riding!!!!!!!!!

Family reunions!!!! always a good time.

Our fun little hiking spot!!

any chance to go fishing...... We Did!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We love cousins!!

Erin, Dave, and their three cute kids were visiting from Florida and we had so much fun!!! We did lots of fun things but of course I only caught a few pictures, so here you go!! I caught these two ready and waiting at the door to go to Grandma's. Are they not so cute?

Griffin loved having a buddy that would just go sit on the fourwheelers with him. Carson was a perfect match for him this week!!

Brennen is our breakdancing cowboy. He's getting there and Griffin is trying to keep up with his moves!! nice try buddy!

We had lots of dancing going on during our camping trip. Elise and Brennen loved doing the Mackarena. Nigel and Mary need to watch for them.

Of course Garrett found the mud puddle that was clear up the road. We can't take an eye off this one. Brielle is so stinkin cute, but I told Drew not to get any big ideas!

Grandpa was the good sport taking Griffin for rides this weekend.